Thursday, January 19, 2012

Have Running Shoes Will Travel

We have had a fun few weekends.  First we all went to Salt Lake City so that I could have my pictures taken for my Beachbody Website.  A good friend, Jenni had used a talented photographer in SLC and I loved her yoga pictures so much that I asked that he do my pictures too. 

While in SLC we got to see the Thompson family including their son Kade wrestle.  You'll see Kades name again someday as he is a future Olympian.  And we had a great but messy dinner with the Olsen Family (Olive Garden may never let us eat in their resturant again). 

We also did a little shopping which is always fun.

Then the next weekend we were off to Phoenix AZ for me to run the Rock& Roll 1/2 marathon with my dear friend Kate.  Katie and I have been friends since High School and it was just fun to spend time with her and her family.  Our boys all got along very well and we probably will not be allowed in Gordon Biersch again (another large mess by our children).

We also had time to catch up with Gary's brother Jeff and his fiance Kim.  And that night the kids ran wild on some steep steps in the house we had rented for the weekend.

As for the race I did a personal best of 2:05:34 .  Next year I hope to get under 2 hours.  I was really happy that I didn't walk one step and only stopped once to go to the bathroom. 

As you can see Katie is a Ducks Fan! 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Today we lost a member of our family

Today, our beloved kitty cat, Mitzi was killed.  He was accidentally ran over and was killed almost instantly.  This happened today right before the kids got of school so we sat them down as soon as they got home to explain to them what happened.  They are all very sad and grief surrounds our home right now. 

Mitzi was a great cat.  He was beautiful and loved us all.  Gary had raised him to be sort of dog like, and he was.  He loved dog food and loved to play in the boats.  I think he even wanted to ride in the car but we never let him. 

He is survived by his human family and his best friend, Walnut Cobine (yorkie).

Here are some of our favorite pictures of our friend.  RIP Mitzi

Mitzi becomes a part of the family.  Recieved from what looked like a Polig family in Apple Valley.  His only car ride except for a ride to the vets office.

Mitzi helping in the office with his best friend Walnut.

Mitzi playing with all the Christmas wrappings.  He thought the tree and presents were all for him.

RIP Mitzi Wu Cobine 01/04/2012

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What to name the new boat?

Gary has made another wonderful purchase of a new boat (new to us) but unlike our other boats this one will not be stored next to our house or in the garage.  The 28ft Chris Craft will be permanently homed at Lake Powell for our use all summer. Gary hopes to bring it home this February from the Oregon Coast. 

Until then we need help in finding the right name for this beauty.  Help us out and send your suggestions to us on FB or leave a comment. 

Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas 2011

Just wanted to post pics of Christmas this year.  We had a wonderful quiet morning and then went to Church.  We spent the rest of the day playing, wait I mean the kids spent the day playing Gary and I spent the day cleaning. 

Uma in her princess gear from Grandma Niece

Uma and I playing Legos on Christmas.

Happy Holidays everyone and I have more pics posted on FB.

Finally Pics From The Party

Well this year we had a great turn out.  Thank you to everyone who came.  As always we had a great time.  Here are this years party pics.  Happy Holidays and we will see you at our house next December.
Hawaiian Themed Dinner

Time for our white elephant game. 
Look a moose that poops jelly beans.  Yummy moose poop.
The fortune teller gift was a hot item
I think this gift may have been movie tickets but no one would confirm that.
So exciting
Look at these two cute party people
Steve did a great job surviving the party without Amy to help with the kids.
And by far the best gift of the night was brought by Shane and yes that is a picture of Gary.  It was open by Amber Graves who wanted to keep this awesome artwork but at the end of the night traded me for some PlayDoh.  I stole the PlayDoh from the Ahees who in return ended up with the movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2, someday to be a movie classic. 

Sunday, December 4, 2011

5th Annual Cobine Christmas Party Dec 17th

It's almost here!  Time to party and celebrate the year with our friends and neighbors.  This year's theme is a Hawaiian Theme and everyone is encouraged to wear their best Hawaiian shirts or their hula skirts. 

As always we (the adults) will be playing white elephant.  Bring either one gift per person or per couple.  Please keep gifts under $10 and we encourage re-gifting as well as being a dirty Santa (wrapping a used item). 

Dinner for the kids will be served at 6pm followed by the adults.  Child care will be provided. 

Hope to see you all there 652.4498

Uma in her Party Dress (purchased before we decided the Hawaiian Theme)

We're Back From The Islands

We have returned from the Islands of Hawaii, and we had a wonderful time.  We arrived in Maui on Tuesday.  Spent the entire day at the beach with our good friends the Eyres.  We went to the beach and played in the sand and surf.

Had and Cam back together again, like Pb and Jelly.

On Thanksgiving Day I ran a 16 mile race with one of the Maui running clubs.  I lead the women the first 8 miles, and then.... the next 7 miles were up hill.  Not a little hill, but up the side of a crater.  I lost my standing.  And I must say the running clubs in Maui are no joke.  There were no mile markers and only two unmanned water stations.  I didn't even find the first water station.  After my race, Aja and I cooked our turkey who I named Pablo.  He was a very tasty bird.

Uma and I working on Pablo for dinner.  I was still in my race clothes.

Friday, again we explored the island and took the Eyres to our favorite beach DT Flemming.  Our kids just had the best time and hanging out with the Eyre family made us want to move to Hawaii even more.

We then went to Oahu.  I can tell you now that Waikiki is not our place.  But we did have a good time and loved the Northshore.  We had a chance to check our the Triple Crown and spent most of our time on the beach.

The only low point we had on this trip is that Uma and Fox both had the stomach flu. So the Hilton Grand Vacation Club house keeping staff may not love us.  Both kids have fully recovered now and everyone is happy to be home with our pets and getting ready for Christmas.

Uma and Fox watching the Triple Crown

Gary and I on our date night in Waikiki

Payton after boogie boarding all day

My favorite pic of Uma on the Northshore